About me

My name is Brian, T Brian or Tomas Brian. Why? The first reason is that Tomas is quite a common name, everywhere I go, there is always a big chance there would be one more person with that name. The second is that Burian is quite specific name to Czechia and foreigners wouldn’t know how to pronounce it properly.

But enough about my name, if you are reading this blog, it means you have heard at least a little about me, or even met me in person. Like most people out there, I too have my dreams, aspirations and motivations. Unlike most of such people, however, I want to not just achieve them but also share my road to those goals with you and hopefully inspire and help you to achieve the same. Me, my friends and our insights and experiences are here for you to know you are not alone in you strife.

We all fight, we all struggle, suffer and sacrifice and because the road to our goals requires dedication, we can make it far if we support each other. Let’s be each other’s inspiration, not competition. Let’s combine our energy to create synergy 😀

Recently I became fascinated with the corporate world and the personal development that happens with people involved in it. As I too have experience working in a corporation, I decided to share mine and my friends’ experiences and views. I hope you will come along for the ride 🙂