Motivation, in dictionary defined as a reason or reasons for acting or behaving in a particular way or desire or willingness to do something; enthusiasm.

For me, it means much more, or rather, possibly a slightly different thing than for most people, according to my research.

You might have heard of positive motivation and negative motivation.

Positive motivation drives you through seeing rewards in your mind’s eye, something you can even live without (to a certain extent) but you imagine yourself happier with, having a more than decent salary and all the wonderful things you can buy for said money. It could be the vision of how you would look like if you lift weights and all the health and social benefits that come with it.
Simply put, it is something we want to go towards to.

Negative motivation, however, could easily be defined as something we want to avoid. Physical or emotional pain from losing a job, for example, or not putting our hands into a bucket of acid, to be a bit more extreme. My point would be, though, that negative motivation, in a long run and in practice, works more efficiently, because the threat of the negative impact of our leniency (or laziness) would have somewhat dire consequences, sometimes even affecting those around us, as it would be in case where an entire family would be dependent on said job.

I often hear opinion that positive motivation is much better at motivating us at doing a better job. Granted, when we can CONSCIOUSLY motivate someone through positive motivation, that would be the better scenario, however, objectively a negative motivation actually does a better job in the long run because its consequences will always be there. We will always have a terrible life quality without money and we will always get our hands burned if we submerge them into acid.

It only comes naturally, considering all that, that it makes much more sense to categorize motivation according to how it ultimately affects a person and the world around them. As positive motivation can lead some people to do horrible things to reach it (rob someone to get that watch they always wanted) and some people can do wonderful things to avoid having been affected by negative things (they would become a better, more social person to avoid living all alone), I have to come to conclusion that neither one would be inherently good or bad.